About Me

My name is Dylan Goad. I am from Charleston, Mississippi and I am attending Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, Mississippi. I graduated from Grenada High School in May of 2021 with honors and I am a recipient of the Ed & Becky Meek Foundation Scholarship Program.

Here at Base Camp Coding Academy I am pursuing a career in software development. At BCCA, I learn technical and professional skills which I plan to apply in the workplace. Every day I enter Everest, the home of BCCA, ready to apply myself to my learning and any obstacle thrown my way.










GOAT Project

I constructed this webpage utilizing my skills in HTML and CSS to honor Neil DeGrasse Tyson as the Greatest Of All Time.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS

GitHub Repo

Charity Website

I constructed this website based around a fictional charity of my choice.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS

GitHub Repo

CRUD Project

I constructed this terminal based CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application I created using only Python.

Skills Used: Python

GitHub Repo

B & D's Cookbook

A Unit Project for the JavaScript Unit done with my classmate Ben Crosby. We utilized strictly HTML, CSS and JavaScript to accomplish what we wanted in the website design.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

GitHub Repo

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